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Finally got my Maxton rear diffuser so saddle up as this'll be a long one....

It started with a package which took forever to come, once I unboxed it, it was packaged well so I couldn't wait to get it on so I set out, after taking a picture of the beast before (obviously) with my adjustible spanner and trim tool, oh and Gorilla glue, small zip ties and army black-nasty which will become apparent later .

1. Pic 4 - Undo these two plastic bolts (10mm).
2. Pic 5 - Start from one corner and robustly persuade the first clip out.
3. Pic 6 - Once the corner is out use the trim tool gently and work your way along to the other corner and it'll pop out.
4. Pic 7 - I had the boot auto opening harness (which I never knew ) and people on here helped me figure it out so .
5. Pic 8 - I then dismantled the wiring harness and box from the old diffuser.
6. Pic 9 - Now for the Gorilla glue, small zip ties that I bent to make it easier to glue in place and army black-nasty tape.
7. Pic 10 - I then needed the bent zip ties, which I spaced out and Gorilla glued in place so I could mount the wiring harness.
7. Pic 11/12 - Glued 4 x wall plugs in place so I can mount the wiring loom box onto and left over night after putting on another dap of glue on the top, making sure the zip ties won't come off.
8. Pic 13/14 - Placed the wiring loom in for a test run to make sure before fastening it all together.
9. Pic 15/ 16 - Fastened all zip ties and secured the wires with black nasty to tidy it all up and stop it all rattling.
10. Pic 17 - Now put it back on, test fit with the protective tape still on.
11. Pic 18 - The test fitting revealed I needed to cut back the two brackets on the diffuser as they're far too big and cut a notch out so you can bolt it in place.
12. Pull back the protective tape and put the diffuser in place by starting from the centre and working outwards to both corners so the tabs slot into place and tighten the two bolts.

Finally step back, take pics, get a nice gin and admire the fruits of your labour...

After looking online at numerous rear diffusers, the Maxton one looked the best. It didn't have some random square design on the back and looked similar to an RS one, it does stick out a little which I had reservations about, however after talking to another member on here who said it looks better in person, I can agree I think it looks tip-top and transforms it to contend with Carol Vorderman's rear of the year .

Kind regards in SC.
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