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Masuurik AS5

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Hei guys.

Before audi i was building vw, but its never Audi so... Here it is and i try to modify that ride as much as wallet and my gorgeous wife allows:grin2:

Audi A5 S-line 3.0TDI Quattro

Mods and stuff:
3.0TDI 176kw quattro+ tiptronic
Black color with great pearl
Bigger brakes
S-line 19´´rims
Sline front bumper
Sline rear bumper
Sline side skirts
Sline logos
Sline sportsuspension (didnt even want dynamic)
S5 grill
S5 mirror cups
Bixenon headlights+ DRL(automatic sensor)
Led licence plate lights
Front+back foglights, headlight washers
Adaptive brakelights and autobahn brake system
Selfdimming inside and outside mirrors, folding, memory,heated, with blinkers and reversememory electrical side mirrors.
Tinted windows(rear with heating)
Reverse camera, front and rear parkingsensors+optical parkinghelp
Keyless Go (keyless start, keyless door entry and close, personal keymemorys for electrical seats)
Electrical trunk(remote+ inside opening)

Bang and Olufsen music (great!)
Remote front windows
Coming home/leaving home
Sline fully electrical, keymemory, with heating, front electrically folding sportseats (also headrests and back support are electrical)
Isofix and folding rear seats.
Sline alumiinium interiortrims
black roof
two section climate control + something in the back also
Voice command
MMI+navi+DVD+bluetooth phone system
Dome light system front and back+ whole interior christal-led( controlled from MMI )
Cruise control with memory
Tyre pressure control
Sline lether multifunktsional steeringwheel with blades
Lether s-tronic gearknob
Full computer+laptimer+speedwarnings and so one
needle test startup
Selfdimming interior mirror
Blues carpets
Doorhandle lightning
4x footlightning (controlled by MMI)
Inside/outside temperature sensors
navi,gsm miniantenna
S-line door trims
Bottom spoilers under car

Also car has been in VKM motors.
It has 235kw and 655 NM.
DPF removed and programmed out+ chip.
Also exhaust tips are as big as possible DTM.

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Oo, masuurik, they look GREAT! Where did you get them? Actually, wrong question. That should read "Where can I get them?" Hmm, and I should probably ask if you know whether they'll fit a facelift 2012 A5.
Yep, that's kinda where my head went, too. A sweet little dog, by the way, masuurik. And the car is looking just straight-out awesome!
Also don't think many members will be noticing the door handles in that picture....Looks like the A5 isn't the only pretty thing in your life! :thumbsup:
That, or Masuurik has a thing for nail polish art...

Nice work, Masuurik! The sheer pleasure you get from modding your car, which shines out of every one of your posts, makes your build thread a delight to read. Go to, my man, go to!
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Okay, masuurik, it's official - you're completely mad! But, it's a divinely inspired madness, and I like it a lot! The new interior looks awesome.
Great pix, mas! My daughter wants to marry you for your dog!
Continuing to look awesome, Masuurik!
Great pix, as always, masuurik!
I gotta tell you, masuurik, Estonia seems to have cornered the market on insanely cool photo locations!
Oh, mas, nice work! The full dynamics will be a challenge, though.
Don’t you hate it when a car dumps its coolant like that (second last pic)...
Car looks stunning, Masuurik.
Heartbreakingly beautiful Autumn in Europe, stunningly modded coupe... Hating you a lot right now, masuurik!
Damn, Mas, but those Vossens look stunning.
I am green, and my name is Envy.
1 - 13 of 175 Posts
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