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Hei guys.

Before audi i was building vw, but its never Audi so... Here it is and i try to modify that ride as much as wallet and my gorgeous wife allows:grin2:

Audi A5 S-line 3.0TDI Quattro

Mods and stuff:
3.0TDI 176kw quattro+ tiptronic
Black color with great pearl
Bigger brakes
S-line 19´´rims
Sline front bumper
Sline rear bumper
Sline side skirts
Sline logos
Sline sportsuspension (didnt even want dynamic)
S5 grill
S5 mirror cups
Bixenon headlights+ DRL(automatic sensor)
Led licence plate lights
Front+back foglights, headlight washers
Adaptive brakelights and autobahn brake system
Selfdimming inside and outside mirrors, folding, memory,heated, with blinkers and reversememory electrical side mirrors.
Tinted windows(rear with heating)
Reverse camera, front and rear parkingsensors+optical parkinghelp
Keyless Go (keyless start, keyless door entry and close, personal keymemorys for electrical seats)
Electrical trunk(remote+ inside opening)

Bang and Olufsen music (great!)
Remote front windows
Coming home/leaving home
Sline fully electrical, keymemory, with heating, front electrically folding sportseats (also headrests and back support are electrical)
Isofix and folding rear seats.
Sline alumiinium interiortrims
black roof
two section climate control + something in the back also
Voice command
MMI+navi+DVD+bluetooth phone system
Dome light system front and back+ whole interior christal-led( controlled from MMI )
Cruise control with memory
Tyre pressure control
Sline lether multifunktsional steeringwheel with blades
Lether s-tronic gearknob
Full computer+laptimer+speedwarnings and so one
needle test startup
Selfdimming interior mirror
Blues carpets
Doorhandle lightning
4x footlightning (controlled by MMI)
Inside/outside temperature sensors
navi,gsm miniantenna
S-line door trims
Bottom spoilers under car

Also car has been in VKM motors.
It has 235kw and 655 NM.
DPF removed and programmed out+ chip.
Also exhaust tips are as big as possible DTM.

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As i have owned that car for two months the most there is alot to do.

Whole services are done. Only gearbox and transmission oils needs to do. Later car goes to MR.CAP for polishing and interior refresh. (Also car had one small dent on drivers door-guys made amazing job with that.) I really want to change rear lights to facelift led later. Headlights, front bumper and bonnet i dont care. I like that nose. I like to something with final exhaust parts and maybe ad some small lip to trunk.
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Some changes:
Audi Drive select,
Spacers 15mm front, 25mm back
New foot rest and pedals set
Facelift door and seat buttons
Big intercooler + straight pipe exhaust(without dpf also)=great sound
K&N air filter without air difusor
Nice looking brakes
Rieger rear spoiler

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For sure.
20 inch Audi speedlines im going to check this sunday.
I bought audi s7 startstop button and going to replace B&O subwoofer (already have new pioneer).
Next is maybe coming rieger rear valance.
Steeringwheel was usual OEM firstly, but custommade by Fly Designs. REALLY REALLY good quality, feels smood, stiches are great and in S/S-line colors, smaller but thicker look+ flat bottom. Buttons are new, airbag is from my previous s-line steeringwheel.
Really pleased with that work. FEELS like driving with supercar. This what you touch the most in your car has to be the best.

Also i upgraded my B&O soundsystem with Dualcoil 4OHM+4OHM pioneer woofer + Alpine digital amplifier. Its working on 2 ohm and makes great sound now. I tried to make that system look as OEM as possible and thatswhy that amp is quite expensive, small, digital, also cabling is really expensive, dynamat and stuff + it has alpine gain controller in centre console. Making that switch looking like OEM was real pain, but now it is done. Having OEM lighting + bought new mirror switch from where i took controller button to look like other interior.

Also living close to north, we have sometimes really hard winter. I bought NOKIAN Hakkapeliita 8 wintertyres 235/40/19. They are the best ones in market, also price is the worst :D.

And ofc usual start/stop button problem. Solution was audi S7 start/stop button with small diagram change.
Plus one cool solution for my S5 conversion inside of the car.

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New Alpine Bass control-OEM look.

Some cool Ambient stuff.

New stainless steel straight pipe from turbo, quad exhaust-custom made by myself again.
Also S5 rear valance with 4x113 tips.

B&O OEM waterprotection

Much better trunk handle.
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Ok. i try to answer few questions also.
Pictures mostly made by Iphone 5 :), better ones are done by my frinds canon.
Steeringwheel is ordered from Poland and its custom.
Steeringwheel pads are from ebay, also s-tronic knob.
Door ambient lightning is fully custom, same with Alpine Gain control button in centre console. There i used OEM mirror control knob and electrical parts for lightning. Controller itself is from Alpine.

That S5 badge came when i bought S5 front grill. Then i changed steeringwheel, then rear bumper, then front fender badges and so it went. Also there is done stage 3 chip, no dpf, bigger intercooler+ new pipes+ sport filter, fully empty exhaust from turbo and some things more. It has 375hp and 720nm. So stock S5 sees those new cool facelift taillights from distance. I proved that during 1/4 mile dragrace event where my girlfriend was fastest woman (for example killed smoothly lexus isF 5.0L by the way). Also it killed stock S5 v8 coupe during 1 mile challange. Final top speed difference was over 15km/h. So i cant see any big deal to have those badges. Looks S5, faster than S5... also much cooler with those custom/OEM extras. usually its pretty funny to see stock s5 guys, who firstly sees those big exhaust tips and then try to race.

what is "Adaptive brakelights and autobahn brake system"....

It helps you to brake even harder without blocking wheels, i dont mean ABS in here. Also brakelights are blinking like police blinkers, same with turnsignal lights.
It saved me once when i almost hit dear. Then i felt that car joined during braking and i hadnt much to do. It really saved me that time. Those bigger brakes did that work that they are designed for.

Futher plan is to change s-line plates on entrance also S5 black lether seats would be cool. They have to be with memory, heating, fully electrical, which makes them harder to look for.
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That ambient light is quite easy fit actually. Have just 50 cm of red led stripe. There is perfect fit for that under trim(7mm wide). I just modified it littlebit to have better fit. Then i covered 80% of ledstripe to prevent too much light going out. Rightnow its perfect, not too much. its connected to can circuit through windows switches. You can dim them also through OEm dim switch in dash.

hey, what that price could be for your offer. That looks really cools actually. Is there longer one availeble for coupe? Door is longer than 5 door version. You can put info to PM also.
Bought them from Estonia. 113mm diameter, so quite big ones.
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Imported wheels from USA.
MHT forged vendetta 20x9/20x10. Special order, custom made. MB centre caps from previous owner. With two flaps per rim because of nitrogen instead of usual air. From Belgia, im waiting HR sport suspension. Crazy what those rims will pay... Even my dog got some questionmarks in his head, when i explaind price to him.
Car should look like on those pictures. Check link below.

Audizine: Article Photos: February '09 Featured AZ'er: mrponline's 2008 S5

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I just tryed those rims under my car for few days. Because its winter, i took them off again. HR springs arrived yesterday also. These i will assemble also afther winter. On those pictures there are no lowerings springs yet, only s-line OEM spring set + 25mm spacers rear and 15mm front. Im not sure do i want to put HR springs to rear axel, because i like the look rightnow + it will be more useable car on our shitty streets. Front axel will get HR springs for sure.

Also i tried this kind of brake light, but i removed it in the evening. Not sure, is it ok to use and not looking too ``wannabe``...
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New rims and tyres after winter time, that long they have to wait in stock.

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They look normal/sporty in real life, but still planning to replace them with smaller ones.
New stainless steel 3``downpipe. Wrapped it into titanium tape today with my master mechanic:) New OEM top and buttom seal.
New exhaust tips. Smaller than the ones right now(113mm vs 100mm). I have not been pleased with ones i have right now from the beginning. i have some ideas with bigger turbo, new custom soft with all modifications included, removed swirl flaps...but lets see step by step.
Shark spoiler is really really cool IRL, but its custom made by me and only one.

Cant wait to add HR sport springs which i bought and custom made summer rims.

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3`` downpipe installed now. It is free flow 100% from 3´´ downpipe to 2,5`` stainless steel all the way. Its more responsive from buttom surely because of missing DPF and CAT. Sound of this exhaust is stunning and really brutal, but i have to admit, its too much for daily, so i have to think something out. After all, all my friends loving that GTR sound as they say. Is brutal loud over city and it needs consentration not to step over thin legal line. Fun and super, but not for daily... My secret project car is as brutal as thisone and i had a lot of police meetings because of this car exhaust. I try to avoid that, as being older and more grown up now.

I have to admit also that, new exhaust tips are much much more easy to an eye and looks normal. It was 100% good decision, although they were expensive as f..k. Also now my dog doesnt try to enter into them :D

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RS6 C5 brakes. 1:1 Swap, only front brake line hoses im going to replace for stronger ones to make brakes even better. Also RS6 hoses were too short, so rightnow i have temporary and custom solution for a while. Calipers have a lack coat also to protect Brembo logo. Also i replaced stock springs to H&R OE sport spring setup.

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Heheee... He is always in my car, rolling with me! Also, if you go through my thread, he is always next to important updates and helps to decide what and how to do. Sort of small master mechanic is his name.
Im actually really proud of him, because hss been many times our country junior and adult champion and has a big wall of fame in home. Its quite impressive small friend:)
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New 1/4 mile ET:13.3s with those 20`` monsters

Exhaust sound video:

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