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I purchased the map “MMI 3G Plus ROW middle East / 8R0060884EG / ME2 5.9.5 from an audi seller as I was already running the supported firmware version HN+_EU_AU3G_K0942_3.

I followed the guides to enabling the green menu and deleting the navigation database and HDD Partition. Making sure to wait at least 1 minute and restarting MMI. Once everything loaded I booted into the red menu to commence the maps update, went into user-defined mode and then into AUDI_MMI3G_AN and made sure to check “Application” under everything listed. I also did the same for Mapstyles, Navipersistence and TMCConfig.

The update and it took around 40 minutes to complete and automatically rebooted twice. After the second reboot the update summary loaded and had OK next to everything I selected. I selected continue, cancel the documentation and the system did a final reboot. I activated but still nothing

When the MMI system loaded after a reboot the navigation system is stuck on “Initialising” and will not load the maps. Going into the settings to check the maps version and nothing is there, just the firmware version. I loaded the green menu and when back into the navigation settings to check the database information and there is a message saying “no valid acios_db found in /database”.

@congo can you help?

Please help ive tried to install / reinstall etc....
How did you go? I am now having the same issue same versions as you are running.
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