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On order since April: Audi A5 S-line 6 speed Masino Red
For September Delivery

No build date yet. Dealers other A5 orders all automatics for september and october delivery have build dates. Any ideas why this is?

Lewy, I bought my S5 from the Syracuse dealer. I made my deal in February 08 on a car they ordered for stock in July of 07. When I first spoke with them they seemed to be upset that they had no hard orders ANY 5 series. I jumped on ordering mine after seeing online that they were hard to get.

I even test drove a 6sp Aruba A5 in Syracuse. Being that I had test driven an S5 in Florida, once I had driven the S5 it was all over.

I do remember that the A5 6sp was a demo that they weren't supposed to sell immediately, but did end up selling to someone in Cazenovia.

I can see that you are upset, but the dealer seems to have a base that likes autos over manuals. That being the case their allotments are used up with tips rather than manuals.

I do wish you luck.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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