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Low power in low revs 1.8 tsfi CJEB

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i am running A5 cab with 1.8TSFI 125kw manual. We have changed new sparks. Accelerating from 0 kmh on first gear is not as easy as I will expect. The gearbox itself has very long gears (2400rpm on 6th at 140mkh) but the engine is letargic under 1500rpm, when it comes to some slope , you have to slide clutch to let car move forward more than on other cars. On reverse its peace of cake - it is far shorter ratio.

does someone else experiencing same Behavior ?

thank you
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Hello mate and welcome to this great forum!!!! I have no experience of your engine sorry but you will know that your engine has a long story of problems such as the oil consumption right?? Have a search on here. As far as I know that worst offender was the 2.0L petrol engine.
In general terms you have a combination of a heavy car with a small engine so your car will never be a rocket ship. I suggest that you give her a very full service and change all of the filters and fluids and see how she feels. Good work!!!
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