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Low power in low revs 1.8 tsfi CJEB

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i am running A5 cab with 1.8TSFI 125kw manual. We have changed new sparks. Accelerating from 0 kmh on first gear is not as easy as I will expect. The gearbox itself has very long gears (2400rpm on 6th at 140mkh) but the engine is letargic under 1500rpm, when it comes to some slope , you have to slide clutch to let car move forward more than on other cars. On reverse its peace of cake - it is far shorter ratio.

does someone else experiencing same Behavior ?

thank you
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Yes I know the story of 1.8TFSI, this is gen 3 so major piston rings issues are solved. But here it is not about dynamics, but about to start car moving , you have to work with clutch more than I was expecting… (clutch is brand new) maybe it is a normal behavior -

I will try 98+ octane petrol, now I have 95 octane, but on petrol fill cap is 95 even 91 written …
Problem solved. Manual gearbox and 1.8TFSI CJEB was famous for clutch problems in traffic jams, some of the users fried clutch in one day. There was an update to the ECU (recall action), that remap torque in lower revs to save clutch - the same engine with 120bhp has shorter gearbox and it is not affected.

Mine was updated too. So very poor performance on 1st gear in low revs is a solution by audi standarts , instead of using shorter ration on first gear.
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