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I posted this before however I have since checked 2 brand new A5s at the dealers.

Basically if I wiggle my steering alittle with the engine running, I get a knocking / freeplay which is consistant with some handling problems I have been having (Drifting and pulling strongly while driving)
I checked 2 cars at the dealer and strangely, one car knocks more than mine and the other doesnt knock at all. It seems very odd.
Im dying to know is this common and I will not let this go until I solve it.

So if some of you would like to do the following check:

With car started and radio off, turn steering 45 degrees to the right(the steering wheel not the road wheels) now quickly turn it right left a number of times and then check if you can feel or hear a knock or freeplay (still around the 45 degree position.

Someone may even have an idea as to where it is coming from. I have had an independent engineers report carried out and he was very surprised by what he felt at the steering and was all decided on condemning the steering in my car. however he also checked another car and found it to be worst than mine and having now spoken to him again, he has backtracked completely and just wanted nothing to do with it. I think perhaps he figures there is an issue but isnt brave enough to highlight a potential fault accross the A5 range.
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