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Looking to buy new S5 Sportback Diesel (UK) - 2023

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Hi all, newbie here and its my first ever forum post!

I have been in the market for a new car and require a balance between performance and economy (i know its a contradiction!) but i think the S5 Sportback 3.0 Diesel option in the UK offers what I need.

I do a lot of long distance driving and make use of Adaptive Cruise alot in my current car and so would want this in the S5. This means finding a car with the Driver Asst. Pack - none of the used cars (2021 onwards) available on the market in the UK have this option which has lead me to go down speccing a new one. The frustrating thing ive found is that I have to sacrifice the flat bottomed steering to have this option which is annoying! Why do Audi do this!?

I'm being offered a good deal from my AD for a new one but one thing playing on my head is the age of the car model. I understand this model range has been out for 5-6 years (please correct me if I'm wrong!) soits really making me question whether i should take the plunge. I dont want to wait 6 months for a new car only to find that it is replaced within the next 12 months!

I'd appreciate some thoughts from others here, should I wait? Consider something else? or take the leap.

Note my plan is to keep the car for 3-4 years so its quite a big decision for me.

Thanks :)
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They will be replacing the B9.5 model in the next 1-2 years with a completely redesigned B10, for A4 & A5.

I believe the problem with the steering wheel is (or was) that they switched to having a capacitive sensing system to ensure you have a hand on the wheel while the lane keeping assist is on. And they only did that on the round wheel.

On my older model, it needs to sense physical steering input which is occasionally a pain as the lane keeping is often fine on its own and you don't want to move the wheel, you just have to every 15 seconds to stop it complaining!

If flat bottom wheels are now available with the new sensor (even if they don't offer it in the UK), then it would be an option to swap the wheel at a later date.
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On the ACC and FBSW matter - I have both on my S5 and it works so unfortunately the above statement about sensing is possible not entirely true.
Your tag says a 2015 S5 but the capacitive sensing was a change to the B9/B9.5 much more recently. I remember when I first noticed the flat bottom option was removed I wondered why and the new sensor was the answer I found.

To clarify the UK ICE sale ban, it will be in 2035. Hybrids will still be on sale between 2030 and 2035. At least under current plans!
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