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Looking to buy new S5 Sportback Diesel (UK) - 2023

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Hi all, newbie here and its my first ever forum post!

I have been in the market for a new car and require a balance between performance and economy (i know its a contradiction!) but i think the S5 Sportback 3.0 Diesel option in the UK offers what I need.

I do a lot of long distance driving and make use of Adaptive Cruise alot in my current car and so would want this in the S5. This means finding a car with the Driver Asst. Pack - none of the used cars (2021 onwards) available on the market in the UK have this option which has lead me to go down speccing a new one. The frustrating thing ive found is that I have to sacrifice the flat bottomed steering to have this option which is annoying! Why do Audi do this!?

I'm being offered a good deal from my AD for a new one but one thing playing on my head is the age of the car model. I understand this model range has been out for 5-6 years (please correct me if I'm wrong!) soits really making me question whether i should take the plunge. I dont want to wait 6 months for a new car only to find that it is replaced within the next 12 months!

I'd appreciate some thoughts from others here, should I wait? Consider something else? or take the leap.

Note my plan is to keep the car for 3-4 years so its quite a big decision for me.

Thanks :)
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I don't know it it's just a UK thing to not have a flat bottom steering wheel and ACC, but here in Germany it's not a problem to get both together. :unsure: Like, really. I have both in my B8.5 S5 :)
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