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Looking for Congo? MMI related

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My 18yo son recently purchased a 2010 A5. The MMI started acting up this week. At first, would randomly shut down, and then come back on a few minutes later. Then, it would randomly lock up screens and you would have to do a reset with the 3 button push. Now, it will only load the AUDI MMI screen. The weird thing is that You can get the reverse camera to work if you start the car, perform system reset (3 button), and then place car in reverse. Also, my phone connected to the car while making a call this morning, even though the display screen stayed on AUDI MMI, and no other funtions would work, although, at the time, the red LED on the MMI controls lit up. At that time, I pushed the radio button and the LED swapped to it, but then the system basically stayed as it were and really no function, other than splash screen. We have tried reseating the plugs on back of head unit. Shutting off car and leaving both doors open (felt silly, but we were getting desperate). I have access to a VAG capable computer and ran a full system scan on the car today and zero codes were present. Someone on another forum recommended this group and specifically Congo. Hoping someone can help us shed some light on this.

Thanks, Shane
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My son also told me that he tried disconnecting the battery for whatever length of time was recommended.
V8 mate your son is one very lucky fellow!!! Note that these cars start to act very strange as soon as the car battery starts to lose some volts so maybe a good idea to fit a new one???
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