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Looking for an Audi A5

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Hi all,

Following issues with my previous A5, I decided to return it and get my money back. So at the moment I've got something like £16.000 to spend in a "new" A5.


- Petrol or Diesel
- S Line
- MMI 3G preferably
- Manual

The one that I gave back was a: A5 2.0 TFSI (2009) S-Line Special Edition

I really enjoy it (for the very short amount of time that I had it).

If anyone know anyone that is selling, please let me know.
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you can buy mine, its just a little over the 16k :(
looks good to me :)
don't know about the price.

don't buy a face-lift !!!
on or dutch forum, there is an inventory going for A4/A5 with problems with the electr-mechanic power-steering.

within 3 days there are 60 on the list.

there is also an inventory for A4/A5 with problems with the multi-tronic gearbox.

within 3 days there are 17 on the list.

so, think again, if you see a face-lift.
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Thanks for the advice guys! :)

@fred44nl, how do you know it's a face-lift?

@Molle, why are you selling yours?

Btw, any dealer websites that are trustworthy in London area?

face-lift is later.
it does not have the line of leds for DRL.
my work requirements have changed, and im not about to dish out money on my business miles. The 3.0tdi has a good mpg, but not really enough to make up 20k business miles a year.

So now im looking for an old banger, and something a little more sporty to have on the side. but not really in a rush to sell. Might try to still get the early summer in my convertible before selling.
I finally found a new A5! Going to pick it up on Saturday.

It's a black 2009 2.0 TFSI (211) S-Line SE with SatNav, Cruise control, MMI 3G! Only downside is that the car has 70k miles. However, it was from a private owner that to the best of my knowledge took good care of the car.

Milage is not too bad imho because I'll just give it social use. I won't do more than 7k miles per year probably.

I really hope this was a good decision... :/
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