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Hello I'm new to this forum! I am an audi and vag enthusiast, and usually enjoy working on these cars. Recently, not so much. I have some weird code for B200500 - Data record invalid on my acc sensor. I believe the parameters are wrong. I heard that it can be fixed in the new odis-e but unfortunately I don't have it. Anyways, if i had a firmware dump of a working sensor I might be able to flash that and fix it.
Component protection was tripped on the ACC module and on the comfort control module. I was able to activate both of them, but afterwards I ended up with this new b200500 error, and odis telling me a parameter file mismatch. If anyone has any experience with that, or knows exactly what I'm looking for please post it for me :) I'll love you forever. I must confess this is for my a7 not rs 5 but alas, The same part is used on many a5, s5, and rs5. I think the file might exist inside of svpsystems (vag can pro cable) software also, unfortunately i only have some bootleg one from ebay and it is of course missing various update files like what i'm looking for.

I noticed someone posted the mmi3gp updates here so i thought maybe someone could be so knowledgeable and kind as to dump this module for me :)
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