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Hi Everyone,

I have been a massive fan of the Audi brand ever since my dad came home in an Audi Quattro that he bought from someone that he worked with - as a kid it reminded me of the DeLorean from Back to the Future films! - I was hooked.

My first Audi was a 180bhp TT, followed by a 225bhp TT Roadster, then the TT 3.2 V6 - then family life dictated the switch over to a Q5, then the face lift Q5 and now finally I have the family/sport compromise S5 Sport back, 2017, Petrol.

I have always used Audi dealership service centres for servicing - my brother (a genuine petrol head) laughs at me and has been on at me to join a forum - which brought me here..
Couple of things I could really use a hand with:

1) I would really appreciate a recommendation for a local(ish) service/tuning centre where I can get my car serviced. I live in Bromley, Southeast London.
2) One of my rear boot struts has become noisy/creaking. Are these serviceable or do I need to source a replacement?

Thanks in advance for any advice/recommendations members of this forum can offer me.
I use to be like you. Use to take my Audi to the dealer for service etc and they use to give me a new car to driver and charge me around £500 plus. Then I realise that I was really stupid to so unless if its a brand new car or under warranty.
So ever since I use local good garage for a promotion of a price normal oil change will cost you £80 whereas the dealer would normally charge 250 plus VAT.
I would suggest you to google it for near by Vw or Audi specialist and use them check the Google reviews. Worst come worst buy your own genuine part and let them fix it for you.
Trust me you will save a fortune.
I had my cam chain issue on my Audi S5 dealer said it's will cost me £3800 plus vat. The local garage did it for £1600 total. So this was just an example.

But I hope people here will guide you better.
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