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Hi Guys,

I was trying to tweak the settings using OBD11 to get some more response from my car recently, but I failed and I am wondering if anyone else tried to do this.

First I wanted to change the throttle response to be more linear, as I feel that currently the pedal is configured to be a curve.
Not much happens in the first half of pedal travel, and then suddenly it kicks in a lot at the last stages of travel.
I found this online for VW Golfs and some people said that applies to Audi too, well they are the same thing under VAG so I thought its worth a try.

[Direct Acceleration - Throttle response]
With this mod, you can change the behavior of the accelerator. Option B provides a more linear acceleration without sudden deliveries.
1 - Module 44 - Power steering/ steering assist. (may need security access)
2 - Adaptation
3 - Select - switching driving profile
Choices :
A - Gradual, controlled by time
B - Directly controlled threshold value

Unfortunately for me, the switch driving profile was not an option among the adaptations, and nothing similar was there.
This link shows that its apparently possible on Audi cars:

Second thing I wanted to do, is remove the torque limiter at lower gears, as the car bogs down when I release the clutch, pretty much no matter how much throttle I give it.
I don't want to be launching the car every time, but with this I cant really even move off rapidly.
It really feels like its electronically limited. So I read that this feature is there to prevent wheel hop and is done through the brakes and is called starting vibration reduction.

1 - ABS/Brakes ECU 03
2 - Adaptions
3 - Select "starting vibration reduction" from the drop-down menu,
4 - Change the value from Strong to Deactivated.
5 - Enjoy full power with 0 ECU intervention in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears.

Again, unfortunately in my case, when I go into brakes adaptations of the brake ECU , I get absolutely nothing, no channels are even readable.

Has anyone done these changes to their car? or are they really not possible? A lot of threads about these changes are about Golfs but i was hoping its possible in Audis too
2016 Audi A5, 2.0TDI 190HP/140KW, CNHA Engine

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