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Hi guys
Couple of questions I hope you all can help with. New to audi.
Audi sportback BE 2.0 tdi 177 quattro 2014 plate 62000 miles.
Question 1.
Lights.....Main beam great, dip lights bad, have had links checked for levelling and fine( only 1 o the rear is that right), mechanic says they also sitting at correct level, they also do move down and up when lights turned on, no faults showing, anyone else think that dip beams are realy bad or do i have a problem, seriously probably worse lights I've ever had and I expected xenons to be great. Any info.

Question 2
Oil..... Done about 1500miles in car, checked oil today and it's used about a quarter, is this normal usage for this engine, I didn't expect it to use any over that short time, service has been done and filter replaced, read on forum about recall due to piston rings passing, did it affect this car, if not any info on useage please. I'm getting worried.😂

Bonus question 😂🤣
Ami.....Have audi concert, bought ami bluetooth lead with a usb lead also attached from eBay, doesn't work, also bought ami to usb for pen drive which glad to say does work,what you guys use for playing music from android phone as would realy like to get my Spotify tunes through stereo. I have no aux input.

Bit long winded but be grateful for info.
Thanks 👍😁
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