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Hi all,

Had a busy day today- finally had enough of the crap lights on the A5 (halogens!!!) so bought Osram night breaker laser next generation bulbs and PSX26W LED bulb for sidelight/ DRL. Also changed the wing mirror indicators for dynamic ones due to the passenger side failing on the old ones. The headlights are SLIGHTLY better, the sidelight/DRL's are a MAJOR improvement, and I'm very impressed with the dynamic indicators which I got off Ebay for under 30 quid- the quality is just as good if not better than OEM and because they're smoked lens they blend in great with the bottom half of the mirror housing. I'm not sure which was hardest to do; removing the headlamps or the mirror cover (both are a PITA) . The second mirror was obviously easier after struggling with the first one (took 1hour 45 mins for the first but only 30 mins for the second.) Headlights are a REAL ball-ache to remove. Will try to get a video in the next few says to show the improvement.
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