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Lejenko's Phantom black S5 build thread

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Hi, I thought I'd start my built thread as I've now carried out a few additions to the car since I bought it (31/7/14)

Nothing to exiting to report so far but I've got to start somewhere :)

Here is a dealership photo to start with

First thing I installed was a mini 0801 Ambarella dash cam which for £60-£70 is worth every penny.

I installed this following cuppas advice on the bits needed and hard wired it to the passenger side fuse box.

And fitted neatly behind the rear view mirror. All fitted with sound advice from this forum :D

Next thing to sort out was something that always bothers me and something I've always sorted weeks into owning all my cars.

Rusty discs and bells :(

I would usually buy powder coated discs but as these are new I had a bash at some painting.

First some masking off and primer

Then a few coats of high temp matt black

Next up was to fit these beauties. 20mm h&r wheel spacers for the rear



That's it for now I'll be retro fitting this AMI kit I've just taken delivery of over the next few days pics to come on that.

Cheers for looking guys I'll update as and when :)
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As promised AMI all fitted and working a treat no coding needed was just all plug and play perfect :)

First I changed the glove box to the AMI friendly one I picked up from eBay with and A4 AMI included for a bargain price of £60
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I swapped over the looms as the one included was without the footwell and box light
Red Auto part Vehicle Car Seat belt

Red Pink Material property Wire

I didn't get any pics of the AMI looms going in but they were a piece of cake. And there you have it one AMI retro fit.
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I'll be catching up with you soon bud .......... :/
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