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HI - I drop my kids off at school every morning, and often pick them up. My kids are 6 and 3. No problem actually, the older one buckles up herself, and I deal with the other, no problem. Certainly more of a hassle with a 6 month old - but it is always a hassle ( the seat buckles are always poorly designed)....

Actually, regardless of the car, this is always an issue, and even more so with a coupe - but it is something you get used to and learn to live with and ultimately don't mind.

I open the door, big one hops in and climbs over to the rear passenger seat, then I drop in the other into her seat and buckle her up too - then I push the seat memory function, my seat moves back into place and voila.....

Reminds me - good to have driver seat memory function to perform this easier.
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