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Key issues

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Hi guys

I have searched the forum and found a few other threads, but there doesn't seem to be any conclusions to this one...

I have the normal key that you push to start and stop the engine. I only took delivery of my car on friday (24th oct) morning and within 1 week of having it the key has got stuck in the ignition slot 3 times already!!

Its a bit embrassing when you start and stop the car engine repeatedly to try and get the key free. Infact I got stopped by coppers on my own drive as they where passing (as you do at midnight) and saw my lights and engine repeatedly go off and on.

I hate going to my local dealer as they treated me like s**t when I was looking for the car, and I eventually got it from a dealership 100 miles away - a bit too far to drive when I've got issues with it! lol!

thanks guys

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I've had this happed once but was concious of the key issue after reading threads on this forum.

I have found that pushing the key in slow and leaving it depressed for around 1 - 2 seconds is the best way to ensure release each time. On the odd occasion it it does not pop fully out I have a very small Audi Key chain attached (not a big bunch of keys) and a slight pull will bring it out.

Your key fob is not fully loaded with other keys is it?:eek:

Here you go. Basically, take your time with the FOB.
Its a known issue and there is a TSB on this.

You might have a fault solenoid lock.


Maybe one of the Mods can sticky this post since it _seems_ to answer a repeated problem (e.g. stop all of the duplicate posts).

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