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Just got back from meeting with my dealer, with the '09 order sheet hot in hand! First the somewhat bad news - no pricing is available yet, and my dealer figures it won't be for 2 more months - he thinks it has to do with competing against BMW, with Audi not wanting to tip their hand until they have to.

For the '09 S5, the options are pretty much the same as '08, but there are a few exceptions. I'll go through the S5 option sheet - this is for Audi of America. My dealer really had few details on exactly what the new options entail, but here goes:

1. Colors: both exterior and interior options are unchanged. Also the various decorative inlays are unchanged.
2.Technology package - includes rear parking camera, adaptive headlights, advanced key, and now includes Audi side assist - as I understand it, this is a system that vibrates the steering wheel if you change lanes when the car senses an obstruction.
3. Nav package - now includes voice activation (which the A6 and A8 have had at least since '07, maybe longer?).
4. Audi Drive Select Control - a new option, which I gather is akin to BMW's M Drive? It includes a dynamic steering system (which apparently you can set to change how "sporty" the steering wheel "feels" when you hit bumps, etc) and adaptive damper system. No details, but if it's like BMW perhaps it would be a 3-position selector for normal, comfort and sport ride - just a guess. My dealer guesses that this might be around a $2K option.
5. B&O premium sound - unchanged.
6. Audi music interface - a separate item available w/out requiring the Nav package.
7. Adaptive cruise control - a new item.

Those are the changes. Not a lot, but obviously Audi is trying to stay current with the boys from Bavaria. As for base price, again pricing for '09 is not available, but my dealer suggests a $2k - $3K price increase is in the cards.

First cars come to the US in late July (he says August may be more realistic).
Now I'm asking myself if I should change my order. I'm a little disappointed that I can't get the grey interior with the Ibis white (side complaint: BMW has it and its a nice combo.......what wrong with you AUDI???)

Anyways, I wonder if the driver select is worth it. As far as I can tell, you have three options for the steering boost, however, this system doesn't allow you to adjust/fine tune it to your personal liking. My biggest complaint when I drove the S5 was the the steering was overboosted as compared to my 540i. Will the driver select allow me to remedy this problem?
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