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Just divorced

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As some of you know, I added a universal heat exchanger stacked on top of the OE heat exchanger for the supercharger.

The only time I have, well the engine, has suffered high intake temps has been on the dyno, as far as I am aware. So the best power run I got with stage 2 was 455bhp!

But I returned to the dyno after fitting the uni heat exchanger and got 482bhp! That's what it should be at base stage 2! :)

Anyway, as I like messing with my car and making things myself that tuners charge 1000s for. I decided to make a supercharger coolant divorce kit. This wasn't to increase performance or anything as it has been proven it doesn't make a difference. The only advantage is, you can lower the amount of antifreeze as antifreeze lowers thermo conductivity and add water wetter or charge cooler aid. :)

So for a cheap Chinese rad expansion tank and some bits of pipe and some metal I had in my garage, I made a divorce kit.

The tank came as a polished stainless tank with 5mm pipes in it. I made a bracket out of stainless, removed the 5mm pipes, added a 19mm pipe, welded one of the 5mm pipes back in and riveted a tab on top inside the tank to act as the coolant level marker and made my own vinyl sticker for the tank cap. I may change the colour of the sticker to blue to match the coolant reservoir cap. Also bought a small blanking cap for the feed pipe off the main coolant reservoir. This is the divorce point. Also had to cut and move the mounting tabs on the tank. Then painted in a textured black paint. (the same paint as the strut bars I made ;) )

Just another little mod I custom made, just coz I can and it doesn't cost much and keeps me out of mischief :D

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Well done mate great work!
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