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J393 - Convenice module replacment procedure

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Hi All

I need to replace my convenience j393 module in my audi a5 b8 2011

I can get them off ebay, and happy to get in to the boot and get the old one out

But the reprograming of it is concerning me, i cant find a solid guide on what i need to do to program it to the car

I know the keys need programming, but i assume there is more to it....or is that the only step?
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@fabio1605 : I haven't need to do this personally, but it appears that more than (VCDS) recoding is involved. See, for example, this thread at AW: Comfort Control Module - AudiWorld Forums
and this TSB from AoA:
And if you get a used J393, make certain the part number is correct for your PR codes (if the part number isn't exact). --g
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You will need someone with ODIS online. cant be done with other diagnostic equipment
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I have seen versions of odis for £20-30, i am going to assume these are more for diagnostics - but any reprogramming needs an online account to go off and get what it needs to do the re-programing is that correct?
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