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i saw 2 on test drives for mags/TV, since they had cameras all over them. i sat and played with the S5. the back seats(2 of them) look very comfy. until you look at the leg room, if the people in the front are normal and not midgets then forget it, think 911, however if you're only carrying 1 in the back she can always lose the shoes and stick her sexy legs on the other seat.

(PS DO NOT GO FOR GREY SILVER OR BLUE, they look horrible, go white for A5 or black for S5.)
ok first of all, which blue? the bright sky blue or the dark indigo blue? i really wanted to get one in the sky blue but im wondering how its going to look. if it looks like the sky (appropriately called sprint blue) blue on the rs4 then i definitely want it. but if its not a nice diverse color then i want the dark black (not brilliant black).

anyhow, the point of my reply: how could the back seats be so small on leg room? i understand the car has been moved around, engine back about 4 inches, etc, but the car itself is longer than the current a4 sedan which seats 4 very comfortably. from the pictures ive seen of the backseats in the a5/s5 they look a hell of a lot roomier than the bmw 3series coupe's back seats. anyone have any input on this from actually sitting in one?
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