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I've got no main screen 馃槀

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The previous owner for some reason has put a double din sat nave until beneath the main screen yes it looks cool but because he wanted the controls on the steering wheel to work with it he's disabled the main screen so I've had to get dipstick to change the oil as I presume the electronic Gauge is in the head unit .
The guy said you can wire these up so both units Will work but as he's removed the media controls to fit the head unit I'm not so sure
Could you scroll through functions with the steering controls or would I need the round media control button , I know the later ones had the media buttons near the auto gear lever instead of the centre console. I would like both screens to work if that's possible but don't know the wiring behind these
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Show us what you have now in the center dash panel between the dash screen and climate controls and the center console. It's possible that your A5 came with a standard Concert (single CD) or Symphony (6-CD) radio, not MMI. The center console controls ONLY work with an MMI main unit. CAR functions are built into the Concert/Symphony radios, and aren't accessible from the MFSW. Did the previous owner include the original radio/head unit ? --g
This is my console the previous owner did leave all the original parts in the box I was wondering if it does need the controls to work if it's possible to change to the later design of the mmi that's below the gear gaitor than in the center panel


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Short answer is: No.

Center console controls only work with the MMI main unit; your A5 is not configured for this. You only get CAR functions from the Symphony radio head unit. Now I'm curious to see what kind of hack job you have behind that Pioneer head unit. Good luck sorting this out. --g
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