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If you're going for spacers you'll almost certainly want to lower as well.

I did view mine with just spacers prior to it being lowered as coliovers weren't available at the time and was loathed to go for H&R springs knowing I would be upgrading to the coilovers within a few months. However as everyone that was at APS that day agreed it looked like it's on stilts so I gave in and splashed out knowing full well it was money down the drain.

In the picture you have above if you look closely at the front wheel arch and imagine that from a full on side view it will give you an idea of what I mean. IMO it reminded me of all those oversized wheels the boyracers run on Golfs without lowered to compensate, damn ugly!

Personal taste of cause but I'd be surprised if you didn't agree once you see it for yourself.

If you've unsure re the lowering and comfort we can always met up for you to test the difference for yourself.

P.S. Congrats on the car, great price and I'm sure you'll believe you've made the right move !
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