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It truely must be....

You guys may remember that I reported that one of my LEDs went out less than a week after taking delivery of my A5. Obviously, I informed my dealer who said they would sort it out. Anyway, I have been working down in East London most of this month and when the dealer called to ask me to bring the car in, the earliest date I could get was 2 Feb (a Saturday).

Anyway, I was driving home on Friday afternoon (in heavy traffic) and kept seeing the gap in the LEDs reflected in the car in front. :( Eventually, I got home and I pulled up to my garage where my son was working on his car. He looked at the front of my car with a puzzled expression and when I got out he asked me when I got the headlight fixed.

When I looked at the front of the car - the "faulty" LED was faulty no more - I have a full set again. I can only assume that there is/was a dodgy connection somewhere that cured itself during the journey home.

I am keeping my appointment with the dealer though - just in case it goes out again during the coming week.
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