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Is There Any Update On B&O Set UP??

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I also have B&O fitted as an option I have the speakers but the sounds just ordinary.I've look on my mmi menu under sound but there is no trace of B&O in there can anyone HELP!! ??
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So that is confirmed then. The B&O without nav doesnt get the surround focus or the ability to adjust the surround.

Thanks for posting those as its the only way to end the speculation.
A question for those with B&O and SatNav: if you set the sound focus to driver, can you see what that does to the balance and fader settings (e.g. balance on 3 fader on 4)? If so, it would be great if someone could take a note of the settings so that the same sound focus can be manually configured
I doubt it changes the balance and fader settings (or this is only part of the change). If it's surround processing, it will alter the relative timing of signals to to the various speakers in the car, ensuring the driver gets the optimum effect of the virtual sound space created by surround.
I am going to keep my appointment with my dealer on 6 Feb anyway. I am far from satisfied with the quality of the B&O system. So hopefully something else is wrong with my setup...or am I just clutching at straws...
i love the sound of my B&O but i find that at louder volumes a rattling from the doors, i dont want any bass from the doors, only from the sub

a relative of mine has a bmw 335i with Hifi pro or something. sound quality is very good and the subs are under the front seats giving excellent sound quality and zero rattling.

you guys get the rattling too? sometimes i feel my inner door cards are loose. maybe because mine is an early vehicle june 2007 built?
sound quality is very good and the subs are under the front seats
...Bass you can really feel in your ring.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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