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Is There Any Update On B&O Set UP??

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I also have B&O fitted as an option I have the speakers but the sounds just ordinary.I've look on my mmi menu under sound but there is no trace of B&O in there can anyone HELP!! ??
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Golfdeeko I have not yet had this problem fixed. I am waiting for a centre armrest to arrive and be retrofitted (I missed this off the spec sheet when ordering). I want to get both things done at the same time. My dealer plans to do both jobs on 7 Feb. Once the B&O setup problem is fixed I will post details of the solution
Blackjack Sense At Last Thanks For The Genuine Reply & Enough Of The Smart Alec Replies from the other "LOT" "IT HURTS YOU NO" almost as much as the cost of running a S5 on petrol LOL!!!
S4toA5, thanks for the information. I really hope this is not the case as this means there are no settings to change the sound focus to driver, rear, etc (other than messing around with balance and fader).

If this is true then it is yet another unwelcome consequence of not choosing Sat Nav that are not documented anywhere. :mad:
My biggest regret to Blackjack not fitting Sat Nav + (DOH!!)
Sorry to disappoint you all with B&O system and no navigation, but this was the information I got from B&O. The good thing is that B&O claims that the sound performance is exactly the same in both systems, it is just the menu that is a bit different. So, the only setting available for us without the navigation is to turn on or off the DSP premium, i.e. the B&O surround sound. I have confirmed this on other cars without the navigation system as well.

Another thing that perhaps not all are familiar with is that the surround is only available when listening to CD or SD-card, i.e. it isn’t available when listening to radio. The reason for this I don’t know and I don’t really see the point of this difference.
I have that setting S4 to A5 thanks for all your help I'll let you no if I have it set up properly & we'll see how it sounds I mean HEAR!! Regard Golfdeeko
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