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Is There Any Update On B&O Set UP??

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I also have B&O fitted as an option I have the speakers but the sounds just ordinary.I've look on my mmi menu under sound but there is no trace of B&O in there can anyone HELP!! ??
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Oh god this thread is funny !! Just spat coffee all over my pc !!. Arkhia and ICZ_15, S5 France is being sarcastic. It all relates to the fact that golfdeeko has built a fake S5, right down to sticking S5 badges on his 3.0tdi...Oh my sides hurt....:D
I suspect your English is just fine Arkhia !!!;)
Blackjack Sense At Last Thanks For The Genuine Reply & Enough Of The Smart Alec Replies from the other "LOT" "IT HURTS YOU NO" almost as much as the cost of running a S5 on petrol LOL!!!
Its gonna hurt, you set yourself up for it !!! :p Its all in good spirits and if you had stuck S line badges on instead you'd have complete respect for the mods you've made to your A5 or is that S5 lol....
1 - 3 of 45 Posts
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