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Is There Any Update On B&O Set UP??

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I also have B&O fitted as an option I have the speakers but the sounds just ordinary.I've look on my mmi menu under sound but there is no trace of B&O in there can anyone HELP!! ??
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Are you sure you didn't just install B&O labeled speaker grills? Sorry - couldn't resist! ;)
TX - I've noticed that as photos become more and more available of various aspects and models of the A5/S5, you've decided to keep your salary justified by becoming the resident archivist as well!
Ever hear "Climbatize" by The Prodigy? That'll test a system!
Wasn't there a movement to start recording music in surround? I know there are some Pink Floyd albums out there that were remastered in Dolby Digital surround, but I thought original music was coming out (in a trickle fashion of course) in such a format too.
LOVE the White Stripes! Yeah, I knew it was some sort of hi def cd format and couldn't just be done on a regular CD. Hopefully, if such a thing ever catches on, this B&O system will at least be capable of playing it faithfully. Probably a ways down the road though.
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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