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YO all..

Overall I am finding the Ipod works well on the A5. However, in some random fashion I find that if I turn the car off and then on again (like after I have stopped for a comfort break), I find that the MMS states 'initiating device' - this hangs for ever....

When I then take a look at the IPOD is says 'OK to disconnect' and shows the Audi symbol. However, unplugging does not clear the Ipod and I have to do a hard reset. Upon pluggin it in again everything is OK.. (untill it happens again)..

Any one see this with their IPOD system....


On a sound related matter - I can not decide what I prefer from the BO processor (i.e. ALL, Front or Driver). I think the driver sounds best but the base is then weak. However, on some types of music the ALL setting is better (e.g. heavy base type stuff).

What settings do you use?



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I had some problems last night with my MMI and the ipod. Was in the middle of a song and then it suddently hung. Had to turn all the electrics of and disconnect the ipod. It wasn't a problem with the ipod though... i tried m mates ipod afterwords and it just stayed on the "initialising device" screen forever!!

Left it overnight though and it worked in the morning.

To be honest with you though, my Ipod connects straight away when I stop and start the car up again.

With regards to the sound, I use my own custom settings of bass, treble, fader etc. I always love plenty bass:cool:
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