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iPod Interface

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I might be being dumb here (or someone's going to go and tell me to read a manual), but the Shuffle function on the iPod interface seems to just apply globally to my whole iPod music library.

Does anyone know if you can Shuffle songs in a Playlist?

The other thing I find really painful is having to scroll down a huge list of artists or titles to find a particular album, especially frustrating as iPods now have the accelerated scrolling facility. I guess I could create some more specific playlists but it kind of defeats the object of having all your music at your fingertips (even if you wear them to the bone trying to find something..)

Another 'nice to have' would be the ability to play video from the iPod on the MMI screen...I don't suppose anyone knows a workaround...?
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Thx TX. Good catch. I remembered that other thread and was going to refer people to it.

I have a wierder issue with my system, although from the explanation you'll see that it doesn't really bother me and understand why.

My system works great with my iPod (a 30GB video). When my 15-year-old daughter gets in the car though, she automatically unhooks my iPod and hooks hers up, an 80GB video). For some reason the car just doesn't like her iPod. Sometimes the sound that comes out of the speakers is not the same as the song the MMI shows is supposedly playing. Sometimes, the songs just won't play - never move off the zero. These problems mostly crop-up when playing "mix" (a/k/a shuffle). Maybe it is just my car looking out for my delicate ears, knowing that I'd much rather be cruising to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Otis Rush or Buddy Guy than listening to Nickleback and I didn't know that it had a default setting that is smart enough to make your daughter's iPod not work and maake it look like a computfer glitch.;)
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I'm a bit worried now, having a 160G video classic.. Will mine work?

edit: don't bother answering me, i'll know soon enough - picking up a Q7 this weekend with the same package..
If you scroll the MMI wheel quickly, it goes into a special mode where it jumps through your songs like 20 at a time. Some acceleration would be nice, but this feature helps you get through big lists quickly.

Also, there are certain iPods that don't work with the MMI system. You can check out the list in the MMI manual. I'd imagine they'll issue updates over time if needed.
well, my ipod seems to work fine in the Q7 we bought today, so hopefully it'll also work fine in the S5.. I'm impressed with the integration, it's very thorough, way moreso than other ones i've used..
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