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Introduction A5 SLine 2015

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Hi folks

I have been a member since I bought my A5 S Line in January

This is my 1st post and the obligatory pics

I have been getting the car sorted out with a front end repaint and new wheels, aircon issues, DSG Service, Full Service etc, I will post up to date pics when I take them, the car is also undergoing paint correction to get the best out of the Misano Red Pearl, doing it one panel at a time so it’s a slow process

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Sky

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood
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Well done Kit keep em coming mate!!!
I finally got the aircon fixed, a new compressor was required and I now have ice cold aircon

20’s now fitted for the summer, the car has also had some paint decon and paint correction

I bought spacers but I like the stance on the ET29 speedline so decided against it
Car Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle
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