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Hello all,

My S5 4.2L randomly shuts off when I drive and make frequent stops whilst running errands. Usually happens after about 4-5 stops where I have to turn the vehicle off. Yes it is Manual, and no I am not stalling it out myself.

What usually happens is I will drive and it feels fine, then randomly the car will struggle to drive and then shut off and Flash the EPC light after it turns off. It takes 2-3 attempts to turn the car on again and the EPC light goes away and the car drives fine. If I attempted to continue driving and make another stop, the Light comes back on and I have to wait until the car goes cold in order to get it started.

I have already replaced both Left and Right Fuel pumps and regulators as the come together. Only thing left is the in tank unit, which my car only has 93k miles on it and I run nothing but Chevron through the tank since I have had it at 73k miles on it.

I have only had the car for a year and a half and am still new to diag.

I could not find any threads with anything close to this situation happening, any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

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Bas mate as Nigel suggests you need to get the car hooked up to Ross Tech/VCDS, these cars are v complex indeed.
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