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I have Mercury - I hate them. Anyhow, I asked for a quote to see how much this car will set me back for insurance. Not able to give me a quote - not in the system.

I'm in Southern California and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this? I'm shopping around as I am fed up with Mercury anyway but how many other companies out there don't have the S5 in their system?
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I got a very nice quote from Geico, but it probably helps that Im 41, no accidents, tickets, etc in 24 yrs driving. The quote for full coverage was about 1500 a year. Totally reasonable for a car like that. Of course, where you live is going to also affect that number greatly. I moved from one area to another in N Cal and my rates went up about 30%.
I'm close - 39. married, 2 kids, multi car/policy. Clean driving record for 24 years too. SoCal is gonna be my killer. Wondering if I got a quote for an RS-4 convertible would it be close??? Does Geico have homeowners?
I am 35 with a clean record from PA (burbs) and I am paying Liberty Mutual $900/year for $500 deductable for comp, $1000 deductable for collison and under 15k miles aka pleasure use. I also have 3 cars under the policy.

I looked around at all the competitors and LM gave me the best rates...Allstate had the highest and the others where somewhere in between.
51 y/o with recent clean record (one 18 year old still on policy) Iowa, progressive insurance company, 1,000 deductible, with full collision and comp, 500,000 medical/liability $1200/year
37 y/o male, married, no moving violations in past three years, three adult drivers on the policy (third being the nanny). Multi-car discount. $500,000 CSL with $1,000 collision & comp deductibles. Full glass & towing included. AIG Private Client Group w/$55,715 agreed-value for $1,251/year.


35 y/o, married, 1,000,000, $250 comp, $500 collision, Cincinnati Insurance business policy, $1129/ year. I have several people on the policy which includes myself with no tickets in last 10 years. And others who have at least 2 in the last year.
Where you actually live in L.A. county makes a HUGE difference--it could be Beverly Hills or south central. I live in Reno, NV and have AAA (along with my homeowners and umbrella). The auto policy is just under $900/yr. No tickets in 25 plus years (just lucky and observant, I guess!) This is for 500k BI, 100k PD, 500k uninsured, 250 comp, 500 deductable. I am in my 60's so I save on the age thing and I drive less than 8000 miles per year.
I have Mercury - I hate them...
why? I have them and they proved me they were excellent...
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