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Installed Aftermarket Screen but Airbag Light won't go off

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Hi All, wondered if I could get anyone to shed some light on this issue as its been driving me mad for ages.

Selling the Car very soon and getting Valuation Thursday so has come to last minute .com

I installed an aftermarket screen over a year ago and since then the Airbag light has been on constantly, I've tried all the best VAG equipment to get the error off but it comes back within seconds and stays there as a permanent fault code.

The main thing I changed was the OEM Hazard Switch to this new Aftermarket one which im thinking could be the main source of the issue as im going to try reverting it back to OEM tonight to see if it fixes, but wanted to ask here in case it didn't work or if there was a way to Bypass the Light/Fix the issue.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated, thank you
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Sounds like the switch is the issue mate, Try the oem one see if you can clear the code and you will know for sure.
Posting your scan fault codes (from VCDS, ODBeleven) would be helpful, too. --g

I've just ordered an android screen for my A5 and was advised i needed to buy a wire that connects the hazard and airbag light to avoid this...hasn't arrived yet so cant confirm if this is your problem but here's the link to the one i've bought if it's any help:

Airbag Button Connector Cable Hazard/AMI Cable For Audi A4 A5 Q5| | - AliExpress

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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