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Hello everyone! Maybe someone came across the installation of calipers from B9 to B8? I managed to get almost new calipers and discs from B9 2.0 tfsi, but I ran into a problem with installation on my A5 B8 coupe 2.0 tfsi quattro. The holes that attaching caliper to a hub do not match. Are there any adapters or kits for installation?
You’re looking at a custom made brake carrier at this point.

VERY rare that a company is going to make a full carrier set for a B9 set up to B8 on standard brake set up. I’ve seen RS brake variants going though custom made carriers as that’s worthwhile in terms of cost for brake set up. But deffo not worth that sort of custom making for standard brakes.

see this guys thread on Audizine and contact him for the manufacturer for custom made brake carriers. Keep in mind it costed him €300 and they’re JUST for the front brakes!😱

good luck!


p.s. It’s always almost a good plan to do research and not assume things will fit from one model to another when you’re dropping big $$$, unless you’re willing to drop more $$$ to make it work. 😛
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