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I'm Back......

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Sold my S5 back in 2017, bought an R8.
Had fun with that until they installed speed bump/tire shredders at work. Couldn't get over them.
Sold the R8 last summer.
Just bought this 2018 RS5, 9100 miles, certified pre-owned.
Dynamic Plus Package
Dynamic Package
RS Driver Assist Package
Navigation Package
Black Optic Package
Fine Nappa Leather Package
Dynamic Steering
B&O Sound System 3D sound
Came with the OEM 20" wheels, These are my 19" winters.

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Now that is a black edition!
I just looked on Audi UK and there's a 2018 RS5 on just over 10K miles available for the equivalent of about $66K. Likely a lot more than you have to pay over there?
I paid just around $66K, Certified Pre-Owned, so you prices over there are similar.
Original Sticker price on this car was $92,100
Also came with transferrable Audi Care up to 70K miles (worth about $2K), so I won't have to pay for service for some time.
My local Audi dealer said I stole this for the price.
Looks beautiful 😍

the 19” wheels you have set them off so well with the black paint.
Personally not into the new 20” alloys they’re bringing out on the new platform!

Thoughts on the driver assist pack after some use?

I've turned off a lot of the "Driver Assists". The lane keeper function scares the crap out of me when it tries to stay in the lane I want to move from.
Adaptive Cruise is great, Blind spot indicators are great.
Other functions I'm still getting used to.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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