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I want a S5 but....

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i really want a S5, i love it, its beautiful. i want it cuz its new and has all the luxuries of a high end car.

just want some feedback... i just read the cluch issues that this car is having and that does not sound good at all...

is that the only draw back from this car?

definitely be honest about the pros and cons of this car
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the only drawback that i can think of is it's quite thirsty... that's all
Can't see how that's a drawback considering all high performance coupes in this market get similar or worse MPG.
it was a drawback to me b/c at the time i was comparing the S5 against the the 335xi (the latter is more fuel efficient by about 10-15% according to fuel In the end, I weighted the pros and cons of both and decided that the only drawback of the S5 for me was it's higher fuel consumption. Don't get me wrong, i love every other aspect of the S5; and I even placed an order for it. If my wait wasn't so long and an opportunity to take an A5 came up, I would have been driving the S5 now instead of my A5.

I also don't subscribe to the doctrine that you wouldn't/shouldn't/needn't care about gas if you can afford the S5. To some, the V8 in the S5 is music to their ears; to me, it's a drawback. To each his own.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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