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I want a S5 but....

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i really want a S5, i love it, its beautiful. i want it cuz its new and has all the luxuries of a high end car.

just want some feedback... i just read the cluch issues that this car is having and that does not sound good at all...

is that the only draw back from this car?

definitely be honest about the pros and cons of this car
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The clutch issues affect a minority. If I was buying a car today I would buy another S5.

My niggles are not enough to put me off buying another but here they are:

1 - RHD peddle offset is not very good. Its far too much to the right and requires me to sit further forward than I would like.
2 - Clutch peddle needs a lot of travel. Again that requires sitting further forward more.
3 - no seatbelt adjuster. If you are short you can find yourself fiddling with the belt so it doesnt rub into your neck
4 - front drinks holder on RHD is badly placed (its the LHD version and drinks put in there can get in the way of your gear change movement).

The biggest positive of all is that you just want to drive it all the time and when you do you cannot help smiling. It may not be best in class in any one area (speed, acceleration, electronics for example) but it is a brilliant all rounder and for the money I dont think you can get much better. Spend more and you can but not at this level.
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There are a few minor gripes that I have, for example: the Audi MMI nav does not support TMC-RDS traffic reports (which has saved my ass a few times when driving my friends BMW 335i),
Does in Europe. Noting that the op hasnt stated their location.

if you lock your key in the car
You cannot lock the car in the car. It knows then the key is in the car and wont allow you to lock it (noting that feature may only apply to advanced key which is a feature worth having not only because you get the start button but is also convenient ;) )

Audi Assist gives you 1 year recovery in the UK (RAC). So it depends on country you are in.

OP, can you add your location to your profile so responses are correct for your region.
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