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I want a S5 but....

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i really want a S5, i love it, its beautiful. i want it cuz its new and has all the luxuries of a high end car.

just want some feedback... i just read the cluch issues that this car is having and that does not sound good at all...

is that the only draw back from this car?

definitely be honest about the pros and cons of this car
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I've had my S5 since March 17th. No complaints at all. It's a fantastic car. It did take me a week or so to adjust to the clutch pedal travel and getting the revs high enough for the first gear engagement to be super smooth. At first I was either stalling or giving too much gas. It's pretty sensitive. But once you adjust its as easy as any other car out there and a joy to drive. I don't have any clutch "issues" or steering vibration or any other problems. Fit and finish of the interior is superb and there are no squeaks or rattles (yet).

I wish the navigation screen was touch enabled and as easy to use as the Tom Tom Go -- typing in destinations with the MMI dial takes longer and is a pain in the ass. But whatever I can live with it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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