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Where I live in Los Angeles, I am 20 minutes from Audi's development center where most of the pre-production models are sent in the US. But before knowing this, I passed an S5 on the road on my way to lunch one Saturday morning and basically nearly drove off the road at such a pleasant surprise.

The car was red, and the LED headlamps IMMEDIATELY grabbed my attention (not necessarily a good thing when dealing with cops, eh?). The car looked simply stunning in person. But unfortunately I only got to take in about 20 seconds viewing time. Unfortunately, I had my stereo on fairly loud and didn't get to hear the exhaust note :\

The other time I saw one was on the freeway (5 minutes from where I saw it the first time) heading in the opposite direction once again. So I missed the exhaust note again but the view of the car just continued to put a huge grin on my face.

I've spoken with the dealer located 2 minutes from the dev. center and he is holding confident that the S5 will be released in November... I'm going back sometime this week to try and get on the order list. Interesting that everyone assumes that the RS4 is just plain gone--turns out they are still producing them through the end of the year and you could actually place an order for one right now and have it before then. Audi does not fear the M3, they are simply already moving on to the next generation of luxury performance cars: the RS6 and later on the RS5.
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