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I am getting ECU remapped

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Tommorow I am getting my ECU remapped, the cost of it will be around 1420EUR or 2190USD, which is not exactly cheap, but the company guarantees the gain and it also does not affect warranty since we are talking about a "small box" that can be easily unplugged.

After installation car should have 206KW or 280HP and 600NM, they said acceleration at higher speeds should be a lot better and consumption when driving normally should decrease by 1 liter, when driving agressively increase by 1 liter.

In case you have any quesitons, feel free to ask. Once I will install it, I will post my impression.
I have also recorded 100-200KPH acceleration that I will compare with the new video later.
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A little confused but interested all the same. You say a remap, yet it involves a "small box"?? Did you get it done and how did it go?
A little confused but interested all the same. You say a remap, yet it involves a "small box"?? Did you get it done and how did it go?
Oh, sorry about that, that is my stupid English right there.:)
Of course I meant just adding a "special box" under the bonnet.
Today they have done it, so far I don't feel any difference, I believe there is a need to put some miles on the engine before it all really starts working...

The guy came with his laptop, plugged it somewhere under the dash...did something on his computer, started the car, switched it off.....took the box, plugged it in and that was it.

Hopefully I will feel something more when I put more miles on the car......I will keep you updated.
¿What about your feelings with the box?

I mean, ¿Have you noticed yet the difference between before and after the box?

¿What's the company's name?, ¿Price?, these two questions are because I've been looking for another box and I've found V-tech, with their powerbox developing about 288 CV and 620 Nm with the sixth level (of nine) of the powerbox, and the price was much lower than yours...

Besides, I don't understand why the man had to plug his laptop to your car, because the box is supposed to be adapted to you ECU EDC17...
You have lots of questions while I have very few answers to them.:D
Company was called UR Tuning and I believe it is only in Czech Republic.
As I said, my stats are 206KW and 600NM, difference in acceleration is not noticeable by feelings - that means that I can't feel the difference. However, when I compared old and new video - I could clearly see almost 2 seconds improvement on acceleration from 100 up to 200 KPH.

Few people had also asked me about this box after seeing my acceleration video on YouTube....they said car is faster compared to the stock one even by an "eye".

I would not buy anything for less than 1000EUR, mostly since A5 is not exactly a cheap car and I would not risking paying small amount of money for some miracle. I mean, since ABT could get 280BHP and 580NM from the stock car on their Power kit, then it means that getting more than that is quite an extreme thing to do. Best they could get out of the 3.0TDI engine was 300BHP and 600NM. Anything that is more than 280 though, has to be expensive, in my opinion.

Cheap is not always good, and same applies for expensive stuff as well. But in this market section I would stay only with "expensive" stuff....ABT, MTM, etc.

Company I used had already remapped many A5s and I decided to go with it, because my own dealership suggested trying it.:)
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About the price, I don't agree with "Cheap is not always good, and same applies for expensive stuff as well. But in this market section I would stay only with "expensive" stuff....ABT, MTM".

The company I'm talking about ( has just developed their new powerbox for EDC17 ECU's, and they are not new in these things.
These guys are from Poland (I think) and what I know about them from the most known chiptunners in Spain, is that they are really good.

Moreover, if you were talking about a "chip" or ECU "remap" I could agree with that price of about 1.000-1.200€, because here in Spain the ABT chip for the A5 3.0 TDI is about 1.200€ (all included), but paying that money for a "box" I think is too much, but everybody can do whatever they want with their money...

The Powerbox I'm talking about, cost about 500-600€ maximum, and that's the price for any "Box" like that here in Spain for any car you are looking for...

You have to know that It's really more difficult to develop a chip for an ECU than developing a powerbox, because the powerbox only "touch" inyection and boost (this is a consecuence of the other) but a chip touches a lot of things more to get a good result.

Anyway, I thought you should notice that your car is faster with the box without looking at a video because any car I've tested with and without the chip or remap was noticeable faster with the chip than without it...

Maybe when I buy a box (I'm really thinking about buying this Vtech powerbox) I will put my car in a Dyno to show what it says about the box.

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Actually I haven't noticed the difference maybe because before this mod I was not pushing it too hard. I don't know:(

I am uploading a video for you, so you can see acceleration of my A5 now.:)

Here you go:
Maybe the point is that the way our A5 develop its power is so progressive that it ins't easy to notice the difference.
In fact, that's really what I'm looking for, because I don't want to loose the progressiveness and smoothness It has but I want a bit more punch in all the range of rpms.

Don't worry about it because when I buy the box I will post here the results, and the only way to see the improvement is putting the car in a dyno or racing against a stock A5 like ours...
I think you got butt-raped pricewise.
I think you got butt-raped pricewise.
Then it means that another approx. 10 A5 owners got butt-raped as well.

Guys, look at my video, can you see the difference?
Hey, what I can hear perfectly is the famous window sound of almost everybody at high speed...

I can see the aceleration, but I can't compare with a stock car because I have´t seen it in another video like that but with the stock car, and testing with mine probably will not tell us anything...

I'm sure you have improved your performance with the box, but what I don't really know is How much...

¿is it so difficult for you to take your car to a Dyno?
Because I'm supposed to take my car to a Dyno this summer before buying a powerbox to know exactly what I have and what I will get...
No, it is not difficult for me to take my car to DYNO. There is just one thing that makes me not doing; I don't really care THAT MUCH.:)
For me it is pretty much enough to know that performance had improved.;)
Ok, from that point of view you are completely right, It isn't really important to put numbers on the improvement, but for me it's simply scientific curiosity, hehehe...

Despite of it, I will try to put my car on a Dyno and will put it in here only to show what happens...

By the way, I've seen you've tested your remapped A5 against a BMW 335i, but Have you tried it against a BMW 335d?

It would be interesting to know how it goes...
Was thinking of mapping my A5 but was told that your key hlods all the info about your car between services. Not sure if this is correct but if so then surely this would void the warrenty. can anyone shed any light on this?
Only Just noticed... from the video, the scale on the guage changes from 10kph increments to 20 kph increments at 80kph... that's why the needle slows down there!
Was thinking of mapping my A5 but was told that your key hlods all the info about your car between services. Not sure if this is correct but if so then surely this would void the warrenty. can anyone shed any light on this?
Interesting...can someone with good knowledge please reply.
What you have been told about the key is BS. :) Feel free to mod it. Many people before me have done it here and nothing happened yet, nobody lost their warranty.

No, I haven't raced 335d, but I have raced BMW 535d and I beat it. It was the most difficult race for me so far. It took me AGES to pass it, but I did. :D
Have you any info on this chip/box OP.

I had a 320d, had it remapped from 150bhp to 180bhp, cost me around €440. It went from ~ 320Nm to >400Nm. The difference was immediately noticeable. I'm worried that you can't feel the improvement.

I looked into the chips/boxes at the time (which were the cheaper option here), I did a fair bit of research, I spoke to some guys in the UK as well as in Ireland. They all advised me to stay away from these booster boxes. I was told, all they do is boost the output of the fuel pump which is not the best way to assertain the improved performance.

I have a 1.8t, I'll be remapping the ecu soon and expect gains of 170bhp to over 200bhp. I'll post the exact figures when I get them.
As I said before, my ECU BOX comes from a national company and it is available only in my country. I am not concerned about improvement, because it surely FEELS and A LOT. Look at my video above, you can compare with acceleration of stock A5.
Problem of all Tuning boxes is, that it only changes fuel pressure, nothing else.
(only MTM has something different, they say...). If you put resistor on fuel pressure connetcor, it will work the same, but not for 1500 Eur, but only for 0,5 Eur... Sad, but true...

Real chiptuning (remap) is not available yet, because it is difficult write the correct data to ECU (it is new generation Bosch EDC17). Many companies is working on it more than year. If you are interested, only one company in Germany, in Wolfsburg has developed it. (It is supplier for other big companies like Abt etc.)
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