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Hybrid Retrofit of Apple Carplay in 2009-2015 cars

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All just thought i would share i am getting a kit that allows you to retrofit an aftermarket carplay kit to a 3G MMI high/+ system without compromising the OEM system in my 2012 sportback A5

It's accessed via the navigation button, press and hold for three seconds to activate the carplay screen

This is something i have been looking for for ages, i hope it works, the kit is getting delivered today and if I can get pawn the kids onto the grandparents this weekend i'm hoping to get it installed

Installation pictures and video will follow if you want to follow the thread
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So i really want CarPlay in my a5. I had it in my golf and loved it. I have to connect to my phone by aux making the screen useless. I would much prefer to have CarPlay access. What’s the best one to purchase currently? Thanks.
I don’t really like the look of those tbh. I wanted something that keeps the original size screen as I like how it’s set back. Wouldn’t really want a screen that big looks out of place to me

So I ordered one of the black box units and I’ve quickly fitted/ tested it and it all seems to work. CarPlay all works fine.

Just have this mic wire which needs to go somewhere but cannot figure out where, will it have to be wired up to the mic in the roof?

Also does this bar have to go anywhere specific in the car? I’m not sure what it’s for.

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Just to add, whilst fitting I have taken apart where my original mic is thinking it may plug in there but nothing looks like it will fit. In the new wiring look there were two loose wires which connect together but that means I’m still left with the extra wire with no where for it to plug. Even with those two cables plugged together Siri still doesn’t work.

Pic of the mic wire

And the now spare wire I haven’t been able to connect

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Thanks for the reply I will definitely give those 4 alterations a try when I get chance to take it apart again.

How do you set it to just get the calls through the normal Bluetooth. Is there a setting?
So I’ve managed to get my calls to work. Had to toggle the switch 8 to on. Then on the CarPlay select on. However I can hear like an interference buzzing noise. Not they end of the world. So then I guess to get the Siri/ voice control to work I need to wire in the other microphone for that.
Thanks yeah like you say it may be because I have those wires plugged in behind the radio which I will need to unplug to try but means taking it all apart again.

When I looked where the original mic is there didn’t seem to be anywhere I could plug the new mic into tbh. Unless I’m being stupid.
Yeah that’s what I was planning on doing. You don’t have any photos of it wired in behind there do you?
Ahh right got you. Yeah perfect then I take it you just run the wire all the way down to the radio and then plug it into the back?

Thank you. Will have to try it.
Ok perfect. Thank you again will try that and hopefully it should sort it.
Hey Brad,

How are you getting on with your unit? I have a 2013 A5 with Audi Concert with AMI and desperately want CarPlay in my car.
Hi, I absolutely love the CarPlay unit now. Once it’s all set up as it should be it’s a great unit!! So good to have the screen with CarPlay on. For £140 it’s definitely worth buying. My version stays on ‘info’ so doesn’t affect any background stuff like I thought it might. I love how it connects wirelessly aswell. If you need any help/ more info let me know.
Has anyone had the same issue I’m currently having. I have the concert radio and previously I could use the knob, return button and also the next/ previous to control the CarPlay interface. However for some reason the buttons don’t work on the CarPlay. They do for the normal car radio and settings etc. Anyone got any ideas.

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