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I wonder if anybody else has a HTC Desire HD (Android) and is having problems loading the phonebook via bluetooth??

I previously had a Samsung Omnia (Windows Mobile) and generally had no problem with the phonebook loading every time I switched on bluetooth (except for a couple of times when I had to clear out the "Missed Calls" on my phone to make space for the data transfer).

With the HTC Desire HD, I have never been able to have my phonebook load up. The only options that light up on the car's menu are "Dialled Numbers" and "Mailbox". Has any body else had this problem? Is there a solution?

Also, in the "Dialled Numbers" menu, my phonebook names are always displayed in reverse, i.e. "Smith, John". No matter what settings I change, I can't fix it. Again, is there a solution to this?

Many thanks for your collective help!

I have exactly the same issue, did you ever get it sorted?

I will try the work around/bug mentioned below of denying access to the phonebook to see if that works.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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