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How to tell if I have auxiliary heater?

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I have a 2008 A5 3.0 tdi and the blowers get hot after only a few minutes. All other diesels I've owned took age an age to warm up!

When browsing EKTA (via the 7zap site) for my car I see there's screens for "wiring harness for auxiliary heater" etc - so wondering how to tell if mine has it? Or do all A5s heat up so quick?

For comparison, mine is blowing warm (not hot) after less than a mile. My partners Ibiza FR diesel is only just getting warm by the time I get to work after 20 minutes of driving. I realise whilst I type there could be an issue with the ibiza lol - but I'm sure I've have never had a car warm up so quick as this one...

Interested to hear other's experiences.
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We determined recently that our 2011 VW Golf Variant TDI wagon has an electric auxiliary heater element; the wiring diagrams label it as an "option" (7E6) that's not indicated on the vehicle information sticker. I don't have wiring diagrams for B8 A5 TDIs, but I'll wager that your car should have a couple of 40-60 A fuses in Fuse Panel B (engine compartment) and a fuse position in Panel C for the auxiliary heater control module. Even that little bit of heat helps when the polar vortex hits & the diesel isn't up to temperature yet. --g
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