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How long will it last?

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On my commute home today "battery not charging" popped up on my dash...
I'm guessing it's either the alternator or the belt.
My question is how long will it drive for with no charge and what would happen if the battery went flat whilst driving.
It's an A5 3.0 diesel 2012
It lasted for 45mins during my 1h commute to get home no issues.
Thank you
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considering that EVERYTHING is computer controlled, I don't think your car will run very well, if at all, once the battery gives out. If you have a flooded lead acid battery (instead of AGM), you dramatically shorten the lifespan of your battery if you let it discharge completely.

I'd get the car looked at very soon, or you'll be adding the cost of a new battery to your repair bill.
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Mate sounds like you need a new battery.
Well I made it 1h of driving 35 miles after a full charge to get to the workshop.. turns out its the altinator. Wow when did altinators become so expensive... 700 fitted
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