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I think that's right. I'm still waiting for my Sprint Blue over Silver, w/Carbon Fiber, B&O, NAV & TECH. I placed my order and put down my deposit in August on the first day Audi North America opened the system for orders, before the pricing was even set. The car was listed in Audi's system for delivery to my dealer during the week of 12/24 (i.e., next week) until last week, when they moved the date back a bit. My A4 lease is up 12/27, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Been frustrating watching everyone else - including many who ordered after me but were willing to take the factory on-spec builds - have all the fun while I've been patiently waiting.
I feel your pain. My car was ordered at the same time. Originally thought to be here the last week of October first week of November. It may get here today. The biggest problem is the all the demo cars (my dealer did not get one) are the same specifications as mine. I wish I could have just picked one of these up. But I must sit here and wait for my phone call.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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