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I’m actually loving this prolonged spell of good weather, it makes driving the RS an absolute joy. It’s approaching two years since I’ve owned my one and I’ve been trying to work out the most enjoyable way...for drive the RS. So here’s the options:
Comfort mode (grandad style)
Dynamic mode (hi strung Lee Evans mode)
Individual (customisable mode)
Auto (auto adjusting to your style)
Let’s not forget paddle shift and manual gear change
Here’s my thought;
Comfort mode, as it says on the tin, gets you there and back with no dramatics
Dynamic mode, great for a while but the car does feel hugely highly strung and twitchy and if entering a town or village you feel you want the car to drop 2k revs and quiet down the engine
Auto, good for cruising but if you want an immediate and sharp overtake or burst of performance I feel there’s a little lag whilst the dosile tendencies waken up and say “oh you want a bit of performance you go”
Individual, I like to be able to select comfort mode but have the exhaust on dynamic, valves wide open, but engine setting and exhaust noise are one and the same.
Paddle shift, you get used to the auto shift so if you don’t remember to flick the paddle because you’re concentrating on the road ahead being eaten up at such speed you can run in to the limiter very easily, you’ve got to be a good’s where I’ve found my compromise.
I love to drive in comfort mode, I adore the blips of the exhaust and the performance of dynamic mode but don’t like it’s hyperness constantly. So when in comfort mode if I want instant performance and the burble of the exhaust a quick downward flick of the D/S gear shift puts it into dynamic and the performance is absolutely instant. No delay like you get in Auto, and a downward flick of the D/S when you need it again returns you and the engine to comfort. To me that’s the absolute best combination, I feel more connected and more in control of my driving environment doing it that way. It’s maybe because I’ve been driving a manual for the past 30 odd years and this is my first auto vehicle.
Anyway, that’s my preferred style now that I’ve settled into...has anyone a different view or RS driving style?
By the way, this RS has really scared me a few times, I’ve parked the car with my heart pounding...believe you me, this car needs a little respect, if you don’t give it that it will bite.
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